The Cycle

New York Cities talked about web series in the streets and around the United States of America "The Cycle". This will show you a behind the inner streets of the hustler, the trapper and living for everything yet dieing for nothing. who will survive in the game of chance in these streets; Welcome to The Cycle.

@terry_nichols & @mayo_fox line up a drug lord’s drop. knowing it can’t lead back to them, they look to hire a known criminal from the marlboro houses to carry out the job…who was brought in by a mutual friend.

@terry_nichols sets the plan in motion for the drop to be intercepted.
@rue_boy agreed to do the job but wants a meeting first on his terms.
all seems to be going well until rue gets a call about a close friend involved in a robbery leading to a well known gangster from the bay getting shot on the other side of the marlboro projects. rue has to figure out how to fix the problem being that he also has business in the bay. Not wanting anything to lead back to him or his partner, rue has to put a plan together to get back in good grace or his business in the bay is finished.

Terry nichols and mayo setup prince’s bricks to be snatched. prince makes a trip down to Brooklyn. rue boy and terry nichols have a fallout over the drop. chuck gets into it when there og’s come home and want in on the action.

Rue has to make a decision between money or friendship. Prince suspects ray ray of the setup, ray ray suspects banko and banko has a clue who’s responsible of taking his piece of the action. Los is caught in the middle of a war and is forced to help terry nichols find rue.

Mili gets released from coney island hospital. Prince takes matters into his own hands. los hits marlboro to find out the info that just may save his life. chuck attracts more problems in the hood. terry nichols and mayo rush to keep prince from finding out the real.

Tay brother comes home from the feds looking to get back to business. mili and his goons force chuck’s hand. Red hook reaches out to chuck again. remo looks to settle the score. coney island looks to avenge m.

Remo’s out to get even. los is ready to take a stand. tay’s brother reunites with rue. mili checks in with banko. drama stirs up in red hook houses. prince forms a new team.

Los feeling himself. chuck and bliz back to work. ray ray and prince make a deal.

Remo is after that bag rue promised him. mayo tells t money to lay low. chuck dodged the bullet again. Los can’t be stopped.

Season Finale – See what goes down in the first season of The Cycle.

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