Radio Promotion

Since the age of ipods, cell phones and the internet, independent artist now have a huge advantage with online sales and marketing. The online radio market gets over 70% of the listening volume which now creates a large window of opportunity for Independent artist and online sales. The internet has brought more opportunty to artist but at the same time created alot of confusion. Mr. Dope Chef offers a variety of services including radio, promotion and help with registration applications.

What We Do: 

-Digital and Physical Distribution with Universal Records

-Royalties with Soundexchange and Performance Rights Organization

-Radio Airplay with FM, College, Sirius and Internet Radio

-BDS and Mediabase Weekly Airplay Reports

-National Radio and TV Commercials (30 and 60 Sec, all fm stations available)

-Movie Theater Promotion (30 sec commercial added to previews and lobby)

-Mass Texting including download sales link and giveaway’s

-MOBILE messaging to fans, mobile websites, text to win, mobile coupons, sms birthday wishes, social media 

-FM Server, track will be available to 16,000 PD and DJs

-Networking and Social Network Promotion

-One Sheet and EPK 

-Increase Website Rank, build online presence and FANS

-Video Placement on BET, MTV, Vh1, Music Choice, Vivo, Etc

-National Talk Shows, Interview & Performance 

(Jimmy Kimmel, Tyra, 106 & Park, Jimmy Fallon, Conan, Live w/Kelly & Michael, Ellen DeGeneres)

-Sales and Billboard Top 20 Singles, Billboard Top 100

-Barcode & Soundscan Registration

-Copyright-PA and SR

-Sales and Selling on Consignment
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