Mr. Dope Chef the man behind the scenes making it work for independent musicians. 

The entertainment industry got back a key asset in music game as Mr. Ruben J Burgos Sr. was released from prison. The industry was amazed on how much connections and work he created before being incarcerated making his trial more of a political statement toward minorities. In 2005 Mr. Burgos started Artist Promotion Multimedia Music Network which could handle everything from digital to electronic press kits, media press kits, Radio rotation, promotion, marketing plus much more. The government in Utica, New YORK tried to extort him and he dipped back to the city where he was safe in 2011. 4 months later he was listed as top 10 most wanted for a E Felony Non Violent. Criminal Comptemp in the 2nd degree and sentence to 4 to 12 years, and after fighting his case he was released in 4 years. He didn’t let anything stop his drive and determination and continued to pursue the idea of a music collective that would unite different hoods and gangs to create a united sound. 

Mr. Ruben J Burgos Sr  had to develop a brand once again and loved the fact that he was connected with mainstream Radio helping out some friends (Dj Camilo / Dj Lobo) with parties and radio shows. 105.1 F.M. and 97.1 F.M. cultivated the idea of Mr. Dope Chef along with Ms. Sharri from Roc Nation letting him know he needed unique content. And that is when Mr. Dope Chef was born. 

As a motivational entrepreneur he set his eyes on three major industries at the same time, Music, Fashion and Film. With in one year he has accomplished his goal. He has put together a collective that has never been seen online or done by anyone, Urban Media Global Network Collective, He has authored his own book of poetry “The Life Collection of Mr. Ruben J Burgos Sr.”, he created his own clothing line and networked to collectively branding multiple other clothing lines, Dope, Dope Chef, IAMDOPE, he has help a number of musicians get in to the music industry and has volunteered to help independent artist that are hungry and on the come up.

He has been doing this for 1 year and has been the talk of all the industries, now it’s time to dominate. #TeamDopeChef

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