Mr. Dope Chef announces the release of World Star Battle Grind 2017.

World Star Battle Grind, Before. After. Now is the true embodiment of what represents the struggle of artist, the pain, and the hustle, which people in the hood go through in the game of life. Before is the past, after comes the laughs, now is the present, as well as the future which holds ones path into who is the World Star when it comes to Battle & Grind.

World Star Battle Grind’ captures the true essence of the streets. It portrays raw images of a time or place where musicians strive to become something in music, even while growing up having nothing. Our main intention is to look at ones way in the industry in three chapters; there’s a before, an after and a now. Whether it’s rap battles, dance throwdowns, beat battles, we have everyone covered. It’s not always about where you’are from but about what you know and how you message your words or talent to the world. When it’s all said and done, after you’re gone, what’s your outcome on how you put it down.

We strongly feel that not having someone on the cover isn’t any different than that hood cat hustling on street corner just trying to maintain or a mother of seven kids holding it down. We’re not just your typical media company, that’ll throw just anyone on the event as if it’s Baskin Robbins the flavor of the month. It’s about capturing the essence of the streets and real raw talent.


Just by bringing more minorities into the forefront from an urban inner hood perspective will distinguish our market from others. We’re always looking to bring meaningful and thought provoking and profound talent to our World Star Battle Grind community members . Our intentions as a street entertainment media company is to always raise issues in which concerns the urban Latino and Black communities and at the same token try to come up with ideas on how to resolve those issues.

There’s a line I like in the beginning of the film Gladiator where Maximus speaks to his soldiers just before they head into battle “What we do in life echoes an eternality” that line best describes what World Star Battle Grind is about the struggle, the pain, the hustle, and sacrifices that talented people make everyday to survive not just in the hood but life in general is a battle that all of us have to face head on. And it’s our duty to report and document their story whether if it’s on print, video or online their talents are going to be told and cemented into people’s minds forever with World Star Battle Grind.

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Respectfully, #TeamDopeChef

On Behalf of: Mr. Ruben J Burgos Sr. Aka Mr. Dope Chef

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World Star Battle Grind

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