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Convey lifestyles to the population of the realm of the Pathfinder Chronicles with this fascinating new reference for the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game. Why waste priceless prep time crunching stat blocks while Paizo does the be just right for you? The lavishly illustrated NPC advisor presents rankings of fully-realized NPCs with robust ties to the Pathfinder environment, each one with information, motivations, mannerisms, and a brand new mechanic for dealing with favors and NPC-granted boons within the crusade. also, the booklet includes dozens of quick-and-dirty stat blocks for such crusade staples as pink Mantis assassins, Hellknights, Scarni thugs, Linnorm King marauders, prophets of Kalistrade, and extra - one for every kingdom within the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade environment. As an additional bonus, the NPC consultant additionally comprises complete records and backgrounds for the private characters of Paizo Publishing staffers similar to Erik Mona, Jason Bulmahn, Sean okay Reynolds, F. Wesley Schneider, James Jacobs, and extra!

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ISBN: 0615642047
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Publisher: Unreason Press
Publication Date: 2012-08-01
Number of Pages: 720
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Explore the conceptual origins of wargames and role-playing video games during this unparalleled historical past of simulating the genuine and the very unlikely. From an enormous survey of basic assets starting from eighteenth-century strategists to trendy hobbyists, enjoying on the international distills the tale of ways avid gamers first made up our minds fictional battles with forums and cube, and the way they moved from simulating wars to simulating humans. the discovery of role-playing video games serves as a touchstone for exploring the ways in which the literary thought of personality, the trap of amazing experience and the rules of gaming mixed into the signature cultural innovation of the past due 20th century.

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Special Abilities Boon: Jaren can offer his allies a measure of safety when Jinx (Su) Any creature within 10 feet of Jaren who confirms traveling through the Shackles, though he may not be able to a critical hit actually misses as if rolling a 1. Jaren has no convince his current captain to give them passage. If the PCs control over who this affects or when it happens. are on a targeted ship, he usually is able to keep the captain Rotting Curse (Su) Jaren suffers from a rotting curse which from making them walk the plank.

Com>, Apr 15, 2010 Pathfinder Chronicles: NPC Guide Taldor find her a steadfast ally willing to go to the ends of the earth to search out new experiences and laugh in the face of death. Adelle learned Rondelero dueling in one of Taldor’s finest fighting schools, but that amounted to nothing when a lucky foe’s attack pierced her heart. As she lay there dead, her spirit in an intangible, seemingly endless abyss, she felt nothing. It wasn’t cold, it wasn’t warm, it wasn’t even frightening. There was just an infinite span of nothing, and then heat, like a white-hot forge in her chest that made her scream out in pain.

And she’s abandoned all thoughts of safety and security in favor of total freedom—doing all and only what she wants. Adelle’s own freedom isn’t the only thing that concerns her. She believes that men and women were born to live and love and be free, and laws are meant to protect those freedoms, not hinder them. If some men wish to be slaves—whether slaves to another man or to the fear of death—then so be it, that’s their choice, not hers. She was dead, and she will be again one day—but until that day, she laughs in the face of death and revels in every moment of life.

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