Get Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Absalom PDF

By Paizo Publishing

ISBN-10: 1601251416

ISBN-13: 9781601251411

The biggest and most vital city within the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade surroundings comes alive during this finished consultant to the town on the middle of the realm! discover the winding methods of this teeming fable group with neighborhood-by-neighborhood summaries loaded with experience hooks, summaries of key movers-and-shakers within the urban, exact details on companies necessary and malevolent, and exact rumor-generation tables that result in very good adventures. a stunning poster map unearths the full urban in wonderful element.

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In Strange Aeons: Lovecraftian Numenera - download pdf or read online

By Monte Cook

Lovecraftian horror is cosmic horror. it's the terror that comes from the belief that the universe is monstrous, inhospitable, and uncaring. That humanity’s wish to locate our position in it truly is fruitless—that we don't have any position. we're insignificant and meaningless specks within the unfathomable reaches of either house and time, and there are entities in these reaches so gigantic and titanic that are meant to we come to realize them—even a little—that comprehension may definitely eat our sanity.

It will be no shock that this matches Numenera relatively good. people of the 9th international are steeped in aeons, dwelling within the shadows and remnants of civilizations whose accomplishments defy their comprehension day-by-day. absolutely this greatness of earlier contains to them a flavor of this cosmic horror—as, probably, do the worlds, dimensions, and entities touched by way of these ancients.

This product includes GM suggestion on incorporating those parts into Numenera campaigns and adventures. It presents new descriptors, new creatures, and ideas for sanity within the Cypher approach.

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Skyward Steel: Naval Campaigns and Characters for Stars - download pdf or read online

By Kevin Crawford

ISBN-10: 1936673053

ISBN-13: 9781936673056

The captain status at the bridge, wreathed in smoke and the cries of the death. the manager engineer, suffering to strength that final helpful burst of strength from the fusion plant. The Marine sergeant retaining speedy within the hatchway, dying to the alien boarders. The cold-eyed admiral, deciding upon the slain via the flip of a notice and her orders to her bait.

Join the Thousand lighting of the Stellar army during this complement to the unfastened Stars with out quantity roleplaying video game. tackle the jobs of the lads and girls of the Fleet, the sky-bourne protectors of the homeworld and its protect opposed to the outer evening. no matter if a grizzled ranking, dauntless officer, or elite Deep Black espionage operative, Skyward metal bargains either GMs and gamers the instruments to include either the tasks and the poor freedom of those guardians one of the stars.

Skyward metal contains a host of necessary instruments and knowledge for either GMs and players:

* The heritage and roles of stellar navies within the Stars with no quantity universe, together with information on planetary invasions and armed forces house stations.

* information at the ranks, pay, and association of stellar navies.

* guidance on working sandbox naval campaigns, and the way to offer the avid gamers freedom with no compromising the army subject matter of the campaign.

* ideas for recreating the climactic naval battles liked of army sci-fi, with each laptop fascinated with the determined fight to beat the overpowering foe.

* Sixty event seeds, for each international tag within the Stars with out quantity middle book.

* information at the workings of the Deep Black interstellar operations groups and their perilous covert ops missions.

* New historical past applications for naval characters, and a range of teaching programs to be had to each class.

* New send hulls, guns, fittings, and private apparatus for naval and covert ops characters.

* information on construction planetary navies for an international and choosing naval budgets and operations expenses.

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Cthulhu Dark Ages (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying, - download pdf or read online

By Stephane Gesbert

ISBN-10: 1568821719

ISBN-13: 9781568821719

A brand new name of Cthulhu Roleplaying online game.
The darkish a while global is stuffed with lifestyles, demise, and the discomfort of outdated age. Vengeful hordes wash internationally. Petty warlords struggle between themselves like starving canine. disorder runs rampant. Illiterate city-folk and easy farmers dread that which lurks at the hours of darkness. And within the maximum abbeys, a couple of comprehend of forbidden books that talk of blasphemy and of these who might spoil the realm of god-fearing women and men.
950 A.D.— The Byzantine Theodorus Philetas interprets the al-Azif into Greek and renames it the Necronomicon. it will likely be greater than a century earlier than this blasphemous tome is eventually condemned, and so much copies destroyed.
During those hundred years, whilst manuscript copies of the Necronomicon covertly move from hand handy, mankind virtually yields to the uncaring forces of the Cthulhu Mythos. The darkish younger of Shub-Niggurath infest the boundless forests, mi-go safeguard mountain passes, ghouls and miri-nigri hang-out forgotten burial grounds, and deep ones plague coastal settlements.
In this international the final magi discover powers no longer intended for people, and are lured to into the homestead of Yog-Sothoth.
CTHULHU darkish a long time is a whole roleplaying video game, utilizing the intuitive and versatile uncomplicated Roleplaying method extensively utilized in our name of Cthulhu video game. in the event you understand how to play one, you could play the opposite.
CTHULHU darkish a long time offers the period of the darkish a while (c. a thousand A.D.) and the continued risk posed by means of denizens of the Cthulhu Mythos as defined by means of H. P. Lovecraft, the Lovecraft circle of writers, and the works of Chaosium Inc.

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Read e-book online War (d20) PDF

By Alderac Entertainment

ISBN-10: 1887953450

ISBN-13: 9781887953450

Struggle. struggle. struggle. struggle. Pages of wrestle. AEG's most up-to-date in a protracted line of d20 similar sourcebooks, this ebook provides GMs ideas for mass wrestle, the reasons and results of battle, extra status sessions, and principles and notes at the results of magic on mass strive against. This e-book brings to existence the very factor that topples countries and makes heritage. With crusade suggestion and artifacts that males have destroyed royalty to discover, this publication has every little thing a becoming crusade wishes. by way of the staff that introduced you Dragons and Evil.

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Download e-book for kindle: Empire of Imagination: Gary Gygax and the Birth of Dungeons by Michael Witwer

By Michael Witwer

ISBN-10: 1632862794

ISBN-13: 9781632862792

The existence tale of Gary Gygax, godfather of all fable experience video games, has been instructed merely in bits and items. Michael Witwer has written a dynamic, dramatized biography of Gygax from his adolescence in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to his premature demise in 2008.

Gygax's magnum opus, Dungeons & Dragons, could explode in reputation during the Seventies and '80s and irreversibly adjust the area of gaming. D&D is the best-known, best-selling role-playing online game of all time, and it boasts an elite category of alumni--Stephen Colbert, Robin Williams, and Junot Diaz all have spoken overtly approximately their event with the sport as young children, and a few credits it because the workshop the place their nascent imaginations have been fostered.

Gygax's involvement within the lasted lengthy after his dramatic and involuntary departure from D&D's guardian corporation, TSR, and his footprint will be visible within the style he's mostly answerable for developing. yet as Witwer exhibits, probably the main compelling side of his lifestyles and paintings used to be his unwavering dedication to the facility of creativity within the face of myriad resources of adversity, no matter if cultural, monetary, or own. via his production of the role-playing style, Gygax gave generations of avid gamers the instruments to invent characters and full worlds of their minds. advised in narrative-driven and dramatic style, Witwer has written an enticing chronicle of the lifestyles and legacy of this emperor of the mind's eye.

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Download PDF by S. Coleman Charlton: Middle Earth Role Playing: Collector's Edition (2nd Edition)

By S. Coleman Charlton

ISBN-10: 1558061908

ISBN-13: 9781558061903

"Middle-earth function enjoying, second variation includes:
• Middle-earth personality Templates in the event you wish fascinating, absolutely built characters in a flash.
• an entire personality improvement method overlaying Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, people, Orcs, Trolls, etc.
• A Magic approach with basic but entire ideas that replicate the original nature of using magic and gear in Middle-earth.
• A flavorful wrestle procedure that's life like, quickly, and playable.
• Gamemaster guidance that disguise go back and forth, encounters, climate, random occasions, therapeutic, poisons, magic goods, and masses more.
• certain info on Creatures and Peoples that covers the key beasts, monsters, and cultures of Middle-earth.
• An multiplied set of secondary talents, historical past concepts, and professions.
• an entire pattern experience set within the Trollshaws, whole with layouts."

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Get Rites of Spring (Changeling: the Lost) PDF

By Chuck Wendig, Travis Stout, Jess Hartley, John Snead

The King of Spring has been enspelled
And wanders within the green.
The Queen of Spring wear her Mask
And walks a direction unseen.
The Knight of Spring is wearing gold
And guards the maiden’s dream.
The Knave of Spring, she stole the moon…
Or so all of it could seem.
— beautiful Penny, freelance soothsayer

This e-book includes:
* extended info at the magic of the misplaced, from their mystical lore to new and robust Contracts
* larger element on dreamshaping, pledgecrafting, readability, the masks, and plenty of different features of changeling magic
* Many extra tokens, goblin culmination and different wonders to be stumbled on in the Hedge

Rites of Spring is a complement for the realm of Darkness video game Changeling: The misplaced.

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Download e-book for kindle: Promethean: the Created by Will Hindmarch, Bill Bridges, Justin Achilli, Richard

By Will Hindmarch, Bill Bridges, Justin Achilli, Richard Thomas, John Chambers, Conrad Hubbard, Oscar Garza, Chris McDonough, Mike Todd

I do know that glance of disgust on your eyes.
You can't conceal it from me.

I've visible all its expressions in lots of faces like your own.
I am in detail acquainted with rejection.
Yes, those scars and stitched wounds are frightening to behold.
Were i really alive, they'd be adequate to kill me.

But i'm really not alive.
Not yet.

Not within the approach you recognize it.
A hearth burns inside of me and animates this useless flesh,
these legs that experience wandered the a long way areas of the Earth,
these palms that experience killed men.

And I stroll with a purpose.
You won't stand in my way.
These fingers have killed men.

A Storytelling video game of Stolen Lives

Prometheans are soulless corpses lively via a mysterious, alchemical strength, the Divine hearth stolen from the gods. Their hideousness forces people, animals, or even nature itself to reject them on an instinctual point. They wander the darkish locations of the area, looking what their creators denied them: humanity.

A New video game set on the earth of Darkness

A complete new kind of personality for gamers, encouraged by way of the vintage Frankenstein monster and the global myths of Golems

Explores facets of the realm of Darkness unknown to the opposite video game lines

Strange new antagonists and mysteries to solve for avid gamers of any global of Darkness online game

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Read e-book online Pathfinder Module: The Witchwar Legacy PDF

By Greg A. Vaughan

ISBN-10: 160125279X

ISBN-13: 9781601252791

Time grows brief for Queen Elvanna. In many years, her mythical mom, Baba Yaga, is scheduled to come to Golarion, at which element she'll take Queen Elvanna away and go away a brand new daughter in her position to rule the frozen country of Irrisen. sooner than she loses regulate of her state, Queen Elvanna desires to accomplish one ultimate paintings that may function her legacy - whatever that the area will never forget her through. but the major to her plans lies buried less than an historical necropolis - the tomb of a long-dead sister who dared to oppose Baba Yaga and triggered a quick yet negative clash referred to as the Witchwar, and the single white witch of Irrisen to endure the emblem of traitor to that country. Queen Elvanna has sought out many mercenaries, heroes, and villains to search out the tomb, but thus far none have lower back. Will the desktops serve the White Witch and hunt down the Witchwar Legacy in the tomb, or will they step in to oppose her and race opposed to her villainous champions to arrive the tomb's internal sanctum first? A wintry desolate tract and dungeon experience for 17th-level characters.

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