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Baseline data vs time from the equipment in Fig. 1. Top plot shows acoustic data. Second plot down shows accelerometer data. Third plot down shows accelerometer data. Bottom plot shows another channel of accelerometer data. Vertical axes in all four plots are arbitrary units. 24 Fig. 3. Two dimensional phase-space plots for acoustic data in top plot of Fig. 2. The abrupt spikes in that time serial data cause the bow-tie and cross-shaped phase-space portraits. The lack of change for L≥2 indicates that this data is under-sampled.

29 Fig. 8. PSDM for the airgap-offset seeded-fault. The phase-space parameters: d=3, S=56, w=573, λ=88. Dataset #1 is for the nominal (no fault) state. Datasets #2-3 are for two different airgapoffset faults. See text for further discussion. Stars (*) show the dissimilarity values with the straight linear added as an aid for interpretation of the graphs. 30 Fig. 9. Linear measures for the broken-rotor seeded-fault. Top plot shows various linear measures of instantaneous power, P: minimum (Pn) as the bottom curve, maximum (Px) as the top curve, average plus one standard deviation (P + σP) as the middle top curve, and average minus one standard deviation (P - σP) as the middle bottom curve.

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