Ancient Kingdoms: Mesopotamia (Sword & Sorcery) - download pdf or read online

By Morten Braten

ISBN-10: 1588469948

ISBN-13: 9781588469946

A urban of unspeakable antiquity, buried for hundreds of years underneath the barren region sands, has been rediscovered deep within the accursed wasteland referred to as the pink Waste. Dare you input town That Worshipped one thousand Gods, looking the treasures and relics of its Hierophants? watch out the lurking terrors of a bygone age!

Ancient Kingdoms: Mesopotamia is a giant sourcebook with quite a few new sessions, deities, monsters and magic goods, together with a chain of brief adventures. discover old ruins, temples and dungeons of the misplaced urban of Ibnath, and the perilous desert components that encompass it. The Ziggurat of the Ghoul-Queen awaits!

New spells, new periods and new environmental demanding situations! colossal areas to discover and epic quests to accomplish. damage the Cult of the Pit computer virus Yhath! The definitive d20 sourcebook for Mesopotamia, the land of the Elamites, Assyrians and Akkadians. extended wasteland principles and resource fabric make this a different providing on your gaming desk. 10 similar brief adventures make this a unmarried resource for event within the lands of Babylon and Ur. Dozens of latest monsters, spells, magic goods and personality periods, all came across nowhere else.

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The other way to bring a character back to life is to let the PCs’ companions enter the Underworld (through planar travel or a gate), taking with them someone whose life can be traded for that of the player character. Or the PC can try to make his way out of the Underworld on his own. In any case, this option provides for great roleplaying opportunities as the player characters fight or negotiate with the gatekeeper demons and godlings of the Underworld. ” It is full of dust and the shades of oncemighty kings serve others food.

This applies to the weapon die only (for example, a longsword inflicts 8 points of damage), not to other variable damage dice, such as sneak attack damage, etc. Once per day, recall a spell that has just been cast, retaining the spell slot. The spell must be of 4th level or lower. The character does not suffer a Fortitude saving throw penalty when wearing heavy clothing or armor in hot climates. The character’s overland movement rate increases by +10. If the character is mounted, the mount gains the speed increase.

Thus, during late summer, autumn and early winter, Tammuz is in the realm of death and no plants will grow. On New Year’s day, he is released and fertility and growth yet again returns to the land as he is reunited with Ishtar. To ensure the prosperity and fertility of the land, the Sumerian king ritually re-enacts this Sacred Marriage each year during the akitu-festival, when he sleeps with the high priestess of Ishtar atop the city’s ziggurat. From this royal ritual, sacred prostitution has developed, wherein the lesser priestesses of Ishtar give themselves to the worshippers to ensure the fertility of the land.

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