Arthur Cronquist's An Integrated System of Classification of Flowering Plants PDF

By Arthur Cronquist

ISBN-10: 0231038801

ISBN-13: 9780231038805

-- Natural History

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In strawberry flowers the receptacle with a large The pistils number of simple pistils is a mound growing on its or cone surface. ripen into small hard achenes, but the receptacle on which they perch grows enormously, red and tasty part we eat. The till it becomes the parts of a blackberry flower almost exactly match those of the strawberry, but they de- velop quite difl^erently. does get bigger, surface become it Though the blackberry receptacle remains a core, and the ovaries on the sweet and edible segments of the fruit BLACKBERRY ^^Mi Pistil i its they are a cluster of tiny drupes rather than achenes.

As it They well illustrate the kind of varia- fruit. is joined by other flower parts In this family the crucial part which varies surprisingly from species In the cherry in the but they produce a remarkable array when an ovary develops into a receptacle, members of the flowers of this large and interesting group much tions that occur nuts. it is middle of the to species. a shallow cup, with the simple pistil sitting it, P ALMOND BLACK WALNUT Pistillate is flower and it disappears as the fruit develops.

30 open even though they may grow from ovaries almost identical. hard split and they are somewhat different that do, many do not fruits When ripe, fitting snugly each achene breaks dry and hard, it can easily be ACHENES "^^ Involucre r W Floret Athene '' Flower head \|j|l i DANDELION VALERIAN RAGWEED AGRIMONY Achenes often have interesting shapes and ridged surfaces. Their basic forms are generally those of the ovaries that preceded them, but often other come fact, flov/er parts persist and be- parts of the fruit, usually as devices for distribution.

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