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By Greg Young

During this beautiful biography, young ones will examine the interesting lifestyles, theories, and discoveries of Alfred Wegener. From his time in Greenland learning meteorology with sizzling balloons to his concept of Pangea, readers can be wanting to study extra approximately Wegener's contributions to technological know-how and the strides he took in the direction of constructing the examine of plate tectonics. The easy-to-read textual content, obtainable word list, invaluable index, and exciting proof paintings together with the vigorous photos and eye-catching lab job to have interaction readers from starting to end!

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DNA testing is even more reliable because apart from identical twins, no two individuals can have same set of DNA. Mode Methods of DNA testing are RFLP analysis, AmpFlp analysis, STR analysis, Y-chromosomes analysis, and mitochondrial analysis. • The most popular ancestry tests are Y-chromosome (Y-DNA) testing and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) testing. • Mitochondrial DNA is a DNA in the human passed down to the child by the mother without any change. • A person’s maternal ancestry can be traced using his or her mitochondrial DNA.

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