Download e-book for kindle: Adventures on Dungeon Planet: A Science Fantasy Supplement by Johnstone Metzger

By Johnstone Metzger

Adventures on Dungeon Planet is a technological know-how delusion complement for the award-winning role-playing online game Dungeon World.

This publication contains:

  • Four new personality sessions: the Earthling, the Engine of Destruction, the Mutant, and the Technician. *Three new laptop races: extraterrestrial beings, androids, and white apes.
  • Four new compendium periods: the Alien, the Scientist, the Sniper, and the Visitor.
  • Futuristic contraptions, targeted gear, and robots.
  • New principles for spaceships.
  • New technological know-how fable hazards and instance fronts that use them.
  • Procedures for developing alien planets and cultures.
  • More than 30 new technology myth monsters.
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    E-book Details:

    ISBN: 0615642047
    EAN: 9780615642048
    ASIN: 0615642047
    Publisher: Unreason Press
    Publication Date: 2012-08-01
    Number of Pages: 720
    Website: Amazon, LibraryThing, Google Books, Goodreads, IAmA
    Explore the conceptual origins of wargames and role-playing video games during this unheard of background of simulating the true and the most unlikely. From an enormous survey of fundamental assets starting from eighteenth-century strategists to trendy hobbyists, taking part in on the global distills the tale of the way players first made up our minds fictional battles with forums and cube, and the way they moved from simulating wars to simulating humans. the discovery of role-playing video games serves as a touchstone for exploring the ways in which the literary notion of personality, the entice of wonderful experience and the rules of gaming mixed into the signature cultural innovation of the past due 20th century.

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    But with the sharpness of your mind, technician, you are able to master the might of machines. Who are you to tremble in fear of their revolt? For you can only fear that which you do not understand and the disciplines of technology hold no secrets from you, the engineer of robotic miracles. In a time of war and troubles, on a planet dominated by oppressive tyrants and ravenous alien monsters, who will keep the arts of science and reason alive? You will, technician, you will! The Technician is an alternate version of the Cleric, designed for science fantasy adventures on a godless planet.

    You start with a toolkit (1 weight) and a workshop (4 weight if portable). Choose your protection:  Heavy metal (2 armour, 2 weight).  Protective utility suit (1 armour, 1 weight).  Sacred technical uniform (0 weight). Choose your weapon:  Laser scalpel (hand, 0 weight).  Grinder/saw combo (close, 1 weight). Choose the main characteristic of each of your machines when you prepare them (they are 1 weight each):  Keyboard  Antenna dish  Lens and frame  Box of switches  Lever(s)  Bundle of wires  Mask  Coiled tubes  Microphone  Cords and plugs  Motor  Disc of flashing lights  Rod  Glove  Sheet of metal cloth  Glowing screen  Sphere  Grill  Turntables  Helmet BONDS Fill in the name of a companion in at least one: _______________ is distrustful of machines.

    Android Your machines are all implanted, part of your body. Collectively, they count as 0 weight and cannot be removed without causing you harm. Human When you command a robot, it cannot harm you, or any other human, until you allow it to or it leaves your presence. You start with these moves: Command of Robots When you use your machines to communicate with other machines, roll+INT. •On a 10+, you can issue a single command to the machine or robot that it must obey. •On a 7-9, you can parley with the machine or robot by offering it data, power, or proper usage—no matter what level of intelligence it possesses.

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