Chris Sims, Logan Bonner, Eytan Bernstein's Adventurer’s Vault (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed: Supplement) PDF

By Chris Sims, Logan Bonner, Eytan Bernstein

ISBN-10: 0786949783

ISBN-13: 9780786949786

Hundreds of thousands of latest guns, instruments, and magic goods on your D&D character.

This complement for the Dungeons & Dragons video game provides 1000s of magic goods, guns, instruments, and different worthy goods to your D&D personality. no matter if you're a participant trying to find a brand new piece of kit or a Dungeon grasp stocking a dragon's hoard, this ebook has precisely what you need.The publication contains a mixture of vintage goods up-to-date to the 4th version ideas and brand-new goods by no means prior to obvious in D&D.

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ISBN: 0615642047
EAN: 9780615642048
ASIN: 0615642047
Publisher: Unreason Press
Publication Date: 2012-08-01
Number of Pages: 720
Website: Amazon, LibraryThing, Google Books, Goodreads, IAmA
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Level 19: +14 bonus. Level 24: +17 bonus. Level 29: +19 bonus. indd 31 Universal Solvent Level 10 This clear solution can dissolve almost any adhesive. Alchemical Item 200 gp Power (Consumable): Standard Action. Apply this substance to a creature or object. Destroy any type of mundane bonding agent (including sovereign glue) affecting you, an object in your possession, or in a square adjacent to you. Universal solvent allows a creature immobilized by mundane agents such as a kobold slinger’s gluepot or an aboleth slime mage’s slime burst power to immediately save against the effect.

Sovereign Glue Level 8+ This gray paste creates a virtually unbreakable bond between the objects it glues together. Lvl 8 125 gp Lvl 28 85,000 gp Lvl 18 3,400 gp Alchemical Item Power (Consumable): Standard Action. Apply this glue to an object, and affix that object to another object in reach. The two objects must remain affixed to one another until the end of your next turn. After the end of your next turn, the items are adhered, and separating them requires a DC 29 Strength check. A successful Strength check deals 2d10 damage to each adhered object.

Lvl 7 +2 2,600 gp Lvl 22 +5 325,000 gp Lvl 12 +3 13,000 gp Lvl 27 +6 1,625,000 gp Lvl 17 +4 65,000 gp Armor: Any Enhancement: AC Power (Daily): Free Action. Use this power when you miss with an attack that targets Will defense. Reroll your attack with a power bonus equal to the enhancement bonus of this armor. Laughing Death Armor Lvl 9 +2 4,200 gp Lvl 24 +5 525,000 gp Lvl 14 +3 21,000 gp Lvl 29 +6 2,625,000 gp Lvl 19 +4 105,000 gp Armor: Cloth, Leather, Hide Enhancement: AC Property: Resist 5 necrotic.

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