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3. SECONDARY PRESSURE CONTROL MALFUNCTION WITH AN INCREASE OF STEAM FLOW RATE Such events are initiated by a secondary pressure controller malfunction. 2). 4. 1. Initiating events and safety aspects Two types of event are considered: — Malfunctions that increase feedwater flow (a failure of a feedwater control valve); — Malfunctions that decrease feedwater temperature (a failure of a feedwater preheater). Both events lead to an increase of heat removal by the secondary side, thus reducing primary coolant temperature and increasing the reactor power due to reactivity feedback.

The spiking of noble gases is comparatively small and has a completely different time trend. The spiking factor proposed in the literature for noble gases is SF = 10, Ref. [10]. The possibility that secondary side SG safety valve(s) or steam dump(s) to the atmosphere are stuck open after their actuation has to be considered, in particular if these devices are not qualified for two phase flow. Generally, the systems not qualified for relevant accident conditions need to be considered to fail, particularly if such a failure leads to a worsening of the consequences (especially failure of isolation devices to close).

2. Specific suggestions for analysis A dropped CR or withdrawal of one CR has to be analysed as a transient problem. Misalignment of a CR can be analysed as a steady state problem. 2 for the case of ejection of one CR). For the dropped rod case, a sensitivity study has to be performed to search for different possible combinations of rods that drop and various single failures in reactor trip actuation. A 3-D neutronic calculation has to be performed to estimate the effect on the ex-core neutron detectors used to actuate the reactor trip system, or a conservative approach needs to consider the case in which no reactor trip is directly caused by the rate of change in neutron flux.

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