New PDF release: A Treatise on Efficacy: Between Western and Chinese Thinking

By François Jullien

ISBN-10: 0824828305

ISBN-13: 9780824828301

Trans. via Janet Lloyd

In this hugely insightful research of Western and chinese language suggestions of efficacy, François Jullien subtly delves into the metaphysical preconceptions of the 2 civilizations to account for diverging styles of motion in struggle, politics, and international relations. He exhibits how Western and chinese language techniques paintings in numerous domain names (the battlefield, for instance) and analyzes ensuing acts of conflict. The chinese language strategist manipulates his personal troops and the enemy to win a conflict with no waging warfare and to lead to victory without difficulty. Efficacity in China is therefore conceived of by way of transformation (as against motion) and manipulation, making it in the direction of what's understood as efficacy within the West.

Jullien’s significant interpretations of an array of recondite texts are key to knowing our personal conceptions of motion, time, and truth during this foray into the area of chinese language suggestion. In its transparent and penetrating characterization of 2 contrasting perspectives of fact from a heretofore unexplored point of view, A Treatise on Efficacy should be of important value within the highbrow debate among East and West.

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But a good gener­ al intervenes upstream in the process. He has already iden­ tified the factors favorable to him "before they have actu­ ally developed" and in this way has got the situation to evolve in the direction that suits him. When the accumu­ lated potential reveals itself to be completely in his favor, he engages resolutely in battle, and his success is assured. " Victory is predetermined and cannot swing off course, because it is implied in the relation of the forces present even before the battle is joined.

The framework remains, for it is the framework of our thought. urse of things, by the same token does not need to envisage behavior from a means-end point of view. In these circum­ stances, one's behavior does not result from an application (with a theory conceived in advance being imposed upon reality in such a way as to be eventually imprinted upon it). Rather, it is determined by an expld'itation (the best way to profit from the potential implied by the given situ­ ation). Other points of view, or at least ones that are in our interest in that they are different and shift us from our own entrenched positions, can help us to detect new pos­ sibilities.

48, "Ba jing," sections 4 and 6). This is accompanied by secret, Relying on the Propensity o(Things subtle policing techniques that proceed, on the one hand, by means of investigations and, on the other, by the dis­ semination of misinformation designed to entrap people (the notion of shu). The prince thus turns his position into a veritable intelligence-gathering machine. Through this relentless collection of information and this meticulous gleaning of data, from deep inside his palace he is able to "see everything" and "hear everything" (given that, in these circumstances, everyone "becomes his eyes and his ears" (HFZ, chap.

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