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315 Land Quality Indicators. Christian Pieri, Julian Dumanski, Ann Hamblin, and Anthony Young No. 316 Sustainability of a Government Targeted Credit Program: Evidencefrom Bangladesh. Shahidur R. Khandker, Zahed Khan, and Baqui Khalily No. 317 Selected Social Safety Net Programs in the Philippines: Targeting, Cost-Effectiveness, and Options for Reform. Kalanidhi Subbarao, Akhter U. Ahmed, and Tesfaye Teklu No. 318 Private Sector Development During Transition: The Visegrad Countries. Michael S. Borish and Michel Noël No.

The information gathered in the survey is sufficient to construct a descriptive poverty profile using consumption-based measures of poverty. The distribution of per capita consumption expenditure is available, together with the detailed data on quantities of food consumption which are needed to construct a calorie-based poverty line. Prices for food items can be derived in the form of unit values from the survey data, since both quantity and expenditure data were collected. However, the SESC 1993/94 is not sufficiently detailed to undertake a thorough analysis of the causes and consequences of poverty.

Table 1 summarizes the resulting coverage of the 1The expansion factor is defined as one over the sampling probability for households. Page 4 truncated frame relative to the original UNTAC frame, together with the actual sample size selected within each stratum. Table 1: Coverage and Sample Size of SESC 1993/94 Sample size Expansion factor Truncated frame /a UNTAC frame Percent coverage Phnom PenhVillage 160 3 496 496 100 Household 1,708 71 121,134 121,134 100 Individuals 10,254 65 667,814 667,814 100 Other UrbanVillage 99 6 566 673 84 Household 1,151 108 124,012 136,277 91 Individuals 6,835 87 595,993 661,872 90 RuralVillage 239 27 6,489 11,588 56 Household 2,719 348 947,147 1,457,149 65 Individuals 14,990 299 4,488,565 7,493,809 60 CambodiaVillage 498 15 7551 12,798 59 Household 5,578 214 1,192,897 1,754,260 68 Individuals 32,079 179 5,752,372 8,823,495 65 /a Count based on UNTAC listings Source: National Institute of Statistics, Ministry of Planning Looking first at coverage in terms of villages, all of the 496 villages in Phnom Penh were covered.

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