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By Francisco Suarez

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Thomae Aquinatis, Opera omnia, tom. xiii, p. 39ab. 29 Cf. , Defensiones theologiae Divi Thomae Aquinatis, II, d. 14, q. 1, a. 1, ed. C. Paban et T. Pègues (Turonibus: Sumptibus A. Cattier, 1903), vol. 4, p. 43. , I, d. 3, q. 1, vol. 1, pp. 166–7. 31 Cf. 72a29–30. 32 For this, cf. F. F. Hugonis Cavelli Hiberni. F. Mauritii de Portu Hiberni; Expositio, Lib. F. Ioannis Duns Scoti, Opera omnia, quae hucusque reperiri potuerunt, collecta, recognita, notis, scholiis, et commentariis illustrata, a PP.

140–148. 74 Cf. 1, vol. 25, pp. 899–910. 75 Cf. DM 35, s. 6, vol. 26, pp. ” The Intelligences here would be either Aristotelian Separate Substances or, for later theologians, Angels. 76 See Opera, vol. 25, pp. 899–916. Here, especially see Section 2 (pp. ” 77 Cf. DM 12, s. 3, vol. 25, pp. ” 78 Cf. 989b29–990a32. Metaphysics Book I 79 37 Literally: the “whatness” of something. Cf. 983b4–5. 81 This must be noted. Suárez has a very high regard for the work of his fellow Jesuit. 82 DM 40, vol. 26, pp.

In the same vein, the Philosopher himself, in the Ethics, Book 10, Chapter 7, reprehends those who say that it is necessary for us, inasmuch 30 Francisco Suárez: A Commentary on Aristotle’s Metaphysics as we are men, to enjoy human things, and inasmuch as we are mortal, mortal things. ”53 And in Chapter 8,54 he adds that he who so lives and cultivates wisdom is most beloved by God, and most of all honored and rewarded by God. But this must be understood as regarding those who seriously and on their own initiative seek Divine wisdom.

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