Download e-book for kindle: 52 Series: Boredom Busters for Kids by Karen Johnson, Lynn Gordon

By Karen Johnson, Lynn Gordon

ISBN-10: 1452104042

ISBN-13: 9781452104041

Filled with inventive feedback for either indoor and outside actions, this illustrated deck will offer suggestion while boredom moves. attempt Treasure Hunt, mystery Writings, technological know-how Cubes, and Nature Wind Chimes. excellent for any day—rain or shine—these playing cards will hold young children engaged and entertained.

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Roll the tube in the honey, coating the entire surface, and then roll it in the birdseed. 3. Hang the bird feeder from a low branch in a tree you can see from a window. Watch for birds. As they come to the feeder, try to draw or describe them in a nature journal. Use a field guide to identify the different types of birds you see. Materials: Containers of various sizes; Seeds or plants; Potting soil Ask an adult to help you choose plants/seeds at a nursery or garden store and to create drainage holes in your containers.

Turn all of the lids picture-side down and arrange into rows. 4. Take turns with a friend and flip the lids over two at a time to find matching pairs. The person with the most pairs wins the game. Materials: Newspaper; Masking tape; Timer or clock; Trash bag If you ever get the urge for a snowball fight without the cold weather, try this game for indoor fun. Gather two stacks of newspaper and some friends into a big room. Make a line down the middle of the room with masking tape and divide everyone into two teams, giving each team a pile of newspaper.

Race with a friend: one person uses paper and pencil to do the problems, and the other uses the calculator; then switch. Materials: Paper; Pen or pencil; Tape How many pennies does the average adult carry around? How many times is the refrigerator opened each day? How many steps from your bedroom to the kitchen? Estimate, and then figure it out. 1. Think of a question to answer; write down an estimate. 2. Some questions can be answered immediately, such as the number of steps from your bedroom to the kitchen.

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