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Das Radio ist, zusammen mit dem Fernsehen, das mit Abstand meist genutzte Medium in Deutschland. Auch die bundesdeutschen Parteien nutzen es häufig für ihre Werbung im Vorfeld von Wahlen. Trotzdem führt Wahlwerbung im Radio im Gegensatz zu Wahlwerbung auf und in anderen Trägermedien (z. B. Fernsehen, net) ein sozialwissenschaftliches Schattendasein.

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Because the inception of Canadian tv within the early Fifties, documentary tv, always a favorite between audience, has been misunderstood and infrequently maligned via its critics. extra well known, and arguably extra leading edge, than its cinematic counterpart or than dramatic Canadian tv, Canadian documentary tv has decisively formed the shape and serve as of public provider tv during this nation.

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26 The challenge was how to translate that transformation into a constructive, collective reality. One might have called Hill a pragmatic existentialist. He thought that people made their own realities but that those realities were negotiable. He derived much of this passionate credo from his reading of Søren Kierkegaard, the nineteenth-century religious philosopher with whom he closely identified for most of his life. Page 8 Later Pacifica literature would claim that Hill drew his ideas primarily from Gandhian or Quaker thought.

Page 8 Later Pacifica literature would claim that Hill drew his ideas primarily from Gandhian or Quaker thought. " 27 In his brief life as a writer, Kierkegaard had posed a single startling question: if God were to suddenly appear, how would one know it was God? Here, Kierkegaard warned, lay the truly radical aspect of Christianity. One did not find evidence of God's existence in external reality but in one's desire for God and for higher meaning. God and godly qualities such as love lay hidden from humanity.

94 Hill did not feel comfortable directing criticism at the Glendora strikers, but, nonetheless, in November 1946, he and John Lewis published an "Open Letter" about their struggle. Hill and Lewis charged that the Glendora pacifists had become too preoccupied with protesting the conditions at their camp. " As the American people clamored for demobilization, the military lobbied to create a permanent draft. Was it any wonder that pacifist delegations appealing the Glendora case in Washington had met with sympathy from "liberals," who obviously wanted to know how to make CPS more palatable to the leaders of the pacifist movement and its sympathizers?

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