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Hillside Auto Mall Goes Digital Media with Community! June 30th Free Community BBQ Summer Event! Live Performances!

Media Press Publications Worldwide : Serving the community for more then fifteen years in Jamaica, Queens New York, Hillside Auto Mall has become the powerhouse Dealership in the area to be a trendsetter of moral and ethics in business practice involving the surround community creating power incentive uniting potential consumers with positive events that further […]

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Urban Media Global Network Collective Brand “Mr. Dope Chef” over 9 Million Subscribers using API Cross Domain Technology.

Being new to media it’s hard to believe that a independent brand would have so many people interested in its Beta testing of Cross Domain Technology using Application Platform Integration. Founder & Architect Mr. Ruben J Burgos Sr. has done just that with syndicating across the globe and on a collective network that distributes […]

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Eye For An Eye, Tooth For A Tooth In Depth Review On Mr. Dope Chef (The Tale, The Rise, The Outlet).

I’m the Founder of Urban Media Global Network Collective & Artist Promotion Multimedia Music Network. Author of “The Life Collection of Mr. Ruben J Burgos“. Producer, Director & Writer of Hip Hop’s Road To Riches. Host of World Star Battle Grind. Brand Marketer of Mr. Dope Chef. Independent Record Label Owner of Urban Media Global […]

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Mr. Dope Chef Exclusive “I’m What The Independent Industries Been Missing!”

Mr. Dope Chef is officially New York Cities artist plug on the independent scene. The self-employed entrepreneur is a savvy technologist that has skills in marketing, promotion, networking, syndication and application platform integration with content management systems all across the worldwide web.  Born in Brooklyn the media mogul has gained the respect in every major […]

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Mr. Dope Chef Exclusive Collective Show Case King Presents The Independent Artist Showcase For Label Meetings

#MrDopeChef – Its not a game, you artist want your shot then take it. Told everyone in the industry I would come ten times harder, so im doing just that. Att: ALL #ARTIST *SATURDAY #NOVEMBER 12, 2016* @Showcasekinginc presents: THE INDEPENDENT ARTIST #SHOWCASE #HOSTED BY @thuggin_n_bugginn X @djdondemarco with #music by @dj3stacks #3WINNERS: 1St: $500 […]

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Mr. Dope Chef the man behind the scenes making it work for independent musicians. 

Architect, Founder & Owner of the Urban Media Global Network Collective of 2,734 websites all music related. Reality TV star on Revolt TV Hip Hop’s Road To Riches, Author of best selling american literature poetry book in 2015 “The Life Collection of Mr. Ruben J Burgos Sr.”, Artist, Model & Dj Management, Web Designer & Program Developer, Youth Gang Advocate Mentor, Super Producer, Ghost Writer, Independent Collective Label Owner, Web Series cast member and much more….

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Mr. Dope Chef announces the release of World Star Battle Grind 2017.

World Star Battle Grind’ captures the true essence of the streets. It portrays raw images of a time or place where musicians strive to become something in music, even while growing up having nothing.

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Mr. Dope Chef Exclusive on Sean Kingston claim of never snitching on GAME. Stop spreading lies GAME, where is the paper work. The lies you tell. 

The feud began when Kingston’s $300,000 chain was stolen. The Game claimed Kingston and Meek Mill spoke with detectives about his alleged involvement in the jacking. However, Kingston’s attorney Michelle Iarusso disagrees.

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Mr. Dope Chef Exclusive behind the drama of Lil Wayne angry at Birdman for releasing Tyga from Young Money. 

According to TMZ, Weezy is “fuming” at the Cash Money boss for allowing T-Raww to leave Young Money without a conversation about the matter. Tyga was, of course, signed to Young Money, which Wayne owns 49 percent of.

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After Beanie Sigel’s bars, Meek can be heard laughing out loud at the impromptu rhyme. Now the ongoing feud with The Game has been brought back to life, and it looks like Meek may be starting yet another rap feud that has the potential to bury him in obscurity.

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