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Founder & Design / Development Architect Owner of Urban Media Global Network Collective LLC. / Artist Promotion Multimedia Music Network LLC. / Car Dealer Now LLC. / Urban Media Global Model Agency / Urban Media Global Records / Urban Media Global Travel Agency / Urban Media Global Magazine / Urban Media Global Spot Light / Urban Media Global Network / Fords Magazine / Chevy Magazine / Drives Magazine / AirCooled Magazine / World Star Battle Grind / Hip Hop’s Road To Riches / Car Bar Code LLC. / Car Price Ninja LLC. / Car Dealer Now LLC.:

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The savvy media guru push all his efforts to achieve key objectives in every business venture he has applied his-self to. He is a self-starter with a creative eye for design and recognized ability to effectively manage multiple, high priority projects while maintaining a superior standard of work. His projects in the film industry are highly effective and has creative services for artist project management and marketing communications leading strategies in fast pace environments to bring in projects on strategy, his experience and skills innovate, assemble, effectively organize, and coordinate divergent element required to exceed expectations. He is a entrepreneur, strategist, and producer with a passion for video blogging and social media community networking / web design and coding development. With nearly twenty years experience in technology and nearly a decade directly involved in the music, fashion and film industry sector, He has provided counsel to business leaders ranging from founders of small start-up labels and representatives of non-profit organizations charity events for musician’s to CEO’s of large and small entertainment corporations. For some, understanding the creative design and direction development in social media landscaping is difficult. He enjoys helping his fellow business client maneuver through the ever-changing internet environment.


The humble business entrepreneur is one of the most down to earth successful philanthropist that provides dynamics in business. The one man army of Urban Media Global Mr. Ruben J Burgos created a custom design program with the charge of retooling and invigorating the music industries curriculum for the 21st century with many talented ideals and businesses that can benefit from knowledge and know how. Under the moguls direction, the music industry across the globe has strengthen its position giving Mr. Ruben J Burgos Sr. the indisputable king in promotion and design, marketing, visual creative management, syndication with businesses across the worldwide web helping only a handful of leading clients and businesses in multi industries.

In 2011 Mr. Dope Chef was created and taken fast upon being enlightened to help society with diversity crafting of positivity. Mr. Ruben J Burgos Sr. vowed to never let what happen to his sister happen to any musician on the come up.











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    Kayla Arabella Burgos

    Media Relations, Promotion, IT Specialist

    Kayla Arabella Burgos
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    Media Relations, Promotion, IT Specialist

    Xaiver Burgos
Mr. Ruben J Burgos
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